Welcome to Colombia

Welcome to Colombia (not Columbia)

This is our country and we want you to know it, enjoy it and live a unique adventure of the Hand of Colombia Moto Xperience.

Why us

  • Colombia is one of the countries with the greatest biodiversity in fauna and flora in the world.
  • Colombia, the number 1 country in bird and amphibian species.
  • Colombia, where you can enjoy the best coffee in the world.
  • Colombia, the country with the greatest variety of orchids in the world.
  • Colombia, a country of contrasts, where a snow-capped mountain rises majestically over the beaches of the Caribbean Sea; where valleys, savannahs, high mountains, tropical forests and beaches are separated by only a few kilometers that can be travelled easily in a day, at the same time going from cold climates to moderate and warm, in a matter of minutes.
  • Colombia, where large and modern cities are surrounded by colonial towns.
  • Colombia, the only country where the majestic Andes are divided into three separate mountain ranges: western, central and eastern.
    – Colombia, one of the richest in fresh water, where its variety of rivers silently and sometimes forcefully weave one of the most amazing landscapes ever seen.

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